Foreign Teacher Pro 1.6

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Study English, Study Korean, Study Russian everywhere! Words cards and widgets.

This is PRO version. First you can try Foreign Teacher Free application.

The benefits of PRO version are:
- Full Widgets support
- User words database support
- user can add his own words and use them even in widgets
- No Ads

This application could help you to study foreign languages. It contains language cards with words for different subjects and phrases. Also it supports voice.
Now there are available basic and advanced levels.
Basic level could be useful for the beginners and the advanced one could be even useful for preparing to exams like TOEIC and TOEFL.
Now the application supports Korean, English and Russian languages.
Study and learn Korean, English and Russian words everywhere!
Also you can change different UI color schemes.
So in this application you will find korean flash cards, english flash cards and russian flash cards plus voice support (you need to download special voice engine like Pico TTS for English voice and EasyTTS for Russian or Korean voice or any voice engine you prefer), 2 education levels, the databases of words you marked for every language combination. And now 6 language education combinations are available: english - korean, english - russian, russian - korean and of course the opposite directions.

If you want to get voice support you need:
- Enable Voice in this application "Settings"
- Press "Check Language" option and:
-- Install Voice engine
-- Download and Install PicoTTS, eSpeak TTS, EasyTTS or other voice engine (from Market or Internet)
-- Enable PicoTTS, eSpeak TTS, EasyTTS or other voice engine in Advanced voice settings
-- Set PicoTTS, eSpeak TTS, EasyTTS or other voice engine as default voice engine in Advanced voice settings
-- Restart the application (use task manager for this)

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